Leivontafoorumilta löytyi toinen ohje fudgeihin. Kokeilin myös sitä. Tein muuten tällä ohjeella mutta lisäsin vielä 80g valkosuklaata keittämisen jälkeen. Ohje on englanniksi, jonka kopioin leivontafoorumilta.
Crumbly Fudge Recipe Ingredients

1 can condensed milk (+/- 392g)
500g Sugar
120ml water
4tbsp butter = rkl
2tsp Vanilla essence = tl

Crumbly Fudge Recipe Directions

Mix sugar, water, butter and condensed milk together in a somewhat tall pot (the mixture rises quickly) and bring to a gentle boil. While the fudge is boiling, stir continously with a wooden spoon for about half an hour, to ensure no sugar burns to the bottom of the pot. Nearing the half-hour mark, the fudge should then have become greatly reduced in quantity, thick, sticky, and most importantly, should have the typical darker "brown" colour of fudge (but dark muddy brown means it's turned into toffee). It's better to leave it on longer if unsure, than to take it off the boil prematurely. Once it looks ready, take off the boil, add the Vanilla Essence, and beat thoroughly for a minute, then pour mixture into a greased baking tray and allow to cool.

Cut into squares once cooled properly (could take up to 6 hours). The result should be a fudge that is solid, but crumbly around the edges when you cut it (as opposed to the soft and chewy Nougat variety). It should also have a grainy texture. It may take a few attempts to perfect this recipe in a way you enjoy it the most; also note that if your mixture turns into toffee or fails completely, it's best to try again another day with new ingredients as failures often happen for no discernable reason.